COOrdinating CaRDIology CliNics RAndomized Trial of Interventions to Improve OutcomEs (COORDINATE) - Diabetes

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June 25th, 2021
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Priya Kumar

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Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes

COORDINATE-Diabetes is a cluster-randomized clinical trial to test the effectiveness of an innovative, clinic-level educational intervention to improve the management of patients with T2DM and CVD. The trial will be performed and interpreted in the context of clinical diabetes care in the U.S. using data from select electronic health record (EHR) sites. A subset of sites with EHR data available for querying in existing datamarts will be recruited to participate in two EHRfocused objectives: 1) to perform a baseline characterization of patients with T2DM and CVD, including demographics, treatment patterns and healthcare utilization such as hospitalization; and 2) to assist with the identification of patients eligible for the educational intervention trial.

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Heather Rich