Preliminary Validation of a Novel Natural Rewards fMRI Paradigm: Comparing Relative Brain Activation to Natural Rewards versus Alcohol Cues in Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder and Social Drinkers

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March 6th, 2018
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Will Mellick

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Alcohol, Brain, Mental Health

This Charleston Alcohol Research Center (ARC) pilot study seeks to provide the preliminary validation of a novel natural rewards fMRI paradigm which may be used in the development and/or evaluation of alcohol addiction medication treatments. Specifically, individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) and social drinkers will be recruited for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study which will include magnetic resonance spectroscopy, an alcohol cue task, and this novel natural rewards paradigm which examines brain response to social reward and food. Invited participants will complete an initial screening diagnostic assessment visit at the Medical University of South Carolina, which will consist of clinical interviews with research staff, questionnaires, and labs. If still eligible, participants will be invited for a second appointment which will include additional clinical measures, questionnaires, and an MRI scan. This study is confidential and participants will be compensated for participating.

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Will Mellick

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