An investigation of reward brain circuitry structure and function in individuals with co-occurring alcohol use disorder and bipolar disorder and their unaffected offspring

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October 5th, 2021
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Will Mellick

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Adolescents, Alcohol, Brain, Depression, Mental Health, Substance Use

The purpose of this two-visit brain imaging (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI) study is to identify brain targets for improving treatment and preventative interventions for individuals at risk for co-occurring bipolar disorder and alcohol use disorder. The preliminary visit for a parent and his/her biological child will include completion of clinical interviews, surveys, and labwork to determine study eligibility. If they are considered eligible for the study, brain imaging visits will occur within 1-2 weeks at which a 1-hour MRI will be completed along with additional clinical interviews, surveys, and labwork. Brief follow-up phone call interviews will be completed with participants every 3 months for 1 year. Study participation is confidential and compensated.

Recruitment Contact
Sara Hix
(843) 792-7500

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