Shockwave assisted large bore access (TAVR, TEVAR, EVAR, FEVAR)

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May 11th, 2021
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Mathew Wooster

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Surgery, Vascular

The purpose of this research study is to gather information on the health outcomes of patients who receive treatment with the Shockwave Medical, Inc Peripheral Lithoplasty® (Shockwave device) to assist with aortic endovascular procedures requiring a large catheter (long, thin tube made from medical grade materials). An endovascular procedure is a procedure where a doctor uses a small cut to insert a catheter into a blood vessel to repair it. The Shockwave Medical, Inc Peripheral Lithoplasty® system is an FDA approved catheter device used to open narrowed blood vessels in the legs (called arteries) so that it is easier for blood and other catheters to pass through. This study will collect information from participants who need an endovascular procedure on their aorta. The small cut used to insert the catheter is usually made in an artery in your leg and is used to get to your aorta. Endovascular procedures on the aorta use large catheters. Sometimes, it is necessary to expand the blood vessel in your leg so that the large catheters can fit. There are many different methods used clinically for this purpose, but it is not known which method works best. This study will help to determine if using the Shockwave device to expand your blood vessel is a better than using balloon angioplasty (use of a catheter with a balloon on the end) to expand your vessel

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Morgan Overstreet

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