Feasibility Trial of the iAmHealthy Intervention for Healthy Weight in Rural Children Recruited From Primary Care Clinics

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December 16th, 2019
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James Roberts

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This feasibility trial is a multisite, randomized control trial of two different methods of identifying and recruiting participants into the I Am Healthy behavioral intervention. Children and caregivers in both arms will receive the usual care for all existing medical conditions throughout the trial period. they will also receive a monthly newsletter for six months. In addition to the newsletter, child/primary caregiver pairs in the I Am Healthy behavioral intervention arm will receive both group and individual counseling sessions. The trial intervention period will last for six months and will consist of 15 hours of group sessions and 11 hours of individual sessions for 26 contact hours. This falls within the 26-51 contact hour category, which is significantly more effective than the 6-25 contact hour category per the recent USPSTG guidelines. This feasibility trial will provide information toward the implementation of a fully powered multi-site randomized behavior intervention trial that will compare the effectiveness of the I Am Healthy behavioral intervention to a newsletter-only intervention for the treatment of obesity among rural and under served children and their primary caregivers.

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Erin Dawley

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