Assessment of Potential Biomarkers of Seizure Susceptibility Using Novel NextSense EEG Earbuds

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February 8th, 2022
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Ekrem Kutluay

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The purpose of this study is to understand whether there may be certain characteristics or patterns that might predict seizure events in patients undergoing EEG monitoring and at home. Researchers will also be assessing the comfort and usability of a new device called NextSense EEG earbud device at the same time as routine inpatient epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) admissions, as well as device use in the home environment. In order to enroll in the at-home extension, the participant must be enrolled in the inpatient EMU admission portion of the study. Participants will be asked to assess their mood, sleep quality, and the comfort and usability of the device during their inpatient admission at regular intervals. If participating in the at-home extension, these same assessment questionnaires, in addition to a seizure diary, will be completed by participants at regular intervals.

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Lindsey Weissman

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