Mentorship and Research in HIV and Addiction Prevention Among Traumatized Youth

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April 7th, 2015
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Carla Danielson

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Childhood exposure to interpersonal trauma (ITE; sexual abuse, physical abuse, witnessing violence) confers a sevenfold risk for HIV infection and a ten-fold risk for lifetime substance use disorder. Recent national survey research conducted by the PI's team demonstrates that clinicians who work with ITE youth report: a) being highly concerned with the sexual risk behaviors and vulnerability to early onset of substance use they observe in this population; b) having strong interest in training regarding specific methods to address these challenging topics with teens; and c) feeling ill-equipped to address these issues in session with existing trauma-focused treatment. This project aims to improve the delivery of best practices for teens and their families who seek mental health care by developing creative, technology-based resources for providers to enhance the care they already are providing.

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April Borkman

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