Evaluating Contributors to Relapse in Comorbid Major Depressive Disorder and Cannabis Use Disorder

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May 3rd, 2022
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Erin Martin

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Depression, Substance Use

Both withdrawal symptoms and external stressors can contribute to relapse in people that are trying to quit using marijuana. These negative feelings may be more severe in people that also have Major Depressive Disorder, making it especially hard for them to quit. The purpose of this study is to examine differences in withdrawal symptoms and stress response in people with Cannabis Use Disorder that do or do not also have major depression. Study participation will involve 3 on-site laboratory visits over 6 days. Participants will be asked to not use marijuana for 3 of those days. Participants will complete mobile phone surveys multiple times each day, wear a watch to assess sleep quality, and provide blood samples for testing at each laboratory visit. At the final laboratory visit, participants will complete a stress task.

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Erin Martin

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