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February 22nd, 2022
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David Selewski

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Children's Health, Kidney, Pediatrics

A prospective parallel cohort study generating two groups of participants will be performed in NEPTUNE. The two groups are: (1) Cohort A which includes the FSGS/MCD Cohort; and the MN Cohort, both incipient and prevalent biopsied patients; and (2) Cohort B – a non-biopsy, treatment-naïve, pediatric cohort less than 19 years of age, cNEPTUNE. The sample size for the combined FSGS/MCD and MN Cohorts is a minimum of 800 participants, with a minimum of 375 new patients recruited under Protocol V5.0. The sample size for the second group, cNEPTUNE, will be a minimum of 200 participants. Participants will be recruited into each subgroup concurrently. All participants who meet the inclusion criteria at the participating centers will be enrolled if the participants or their legally authorized representative(s) provide comprehensive written informed consent. A recruit-to-replace strategy will be employed throughout the enrollment phase. Cohort A study visits including screening/eligibility, baseline, biopsy, and follow-up visits, and SMS texting. Study visits for Cohort B, cNEPTUNE, including screening/eligibility, baseline, follow-up visits, and SMS texting.

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Christian Conley

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