Peer Social Support During In Vivo Exposure for PTSD: A Program to Address Dropout from Prolonged Exposure

Date Added
April 3rd, 2018
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Wendy Muzzy

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Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Military, Psychiatry

Veterans who have prematurely dropped out of exposure therapy for PTSD will be contacted and offered the opportunity to return to treatment, this time with the assistance of a Veteran who has successfully completed this treatment in the past. Participants may receive a PE "Workout Buddy." This peer will meet them at the in vivo exposure therapy location and offer support and encouragement while the patient remains in that location. Participants may receive a PE general support peer. This peer will contact them once per week to check in about treatment progress and encourage session attendance, as well as discuss any life stresses. As the PTSD treatment standards in Charleston and other VA sites across the country increasingly include telemedicine delivered care, both in person and telemedicine based exposure therapy recipients will be included.

Recruitment Contact
Stephanie Hart

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