Use of NexoBrid for Treatment of Acute deep partial and full thickness Burn Injuries

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March 24th, 2020
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Steven Kahn

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This is an Expanded Access (treatment) protocol to expand treatment of burn patients with NexoBrid following completion of the enrollment stage of protocol MW2010-03-02 (DETECT study). This protocol is also designed to collect and evaluate the safety and clinical performance of NexoBrid in patients suffering from deep partial thickness (DPT) and full thickness (FT) thermal burns. Following the enrollment of a patient to the protocol, physicians will identify one or more target wounds (TWs) per patient according to the TW definition. All patient's DPT and FT burns that comply with the entrance criteria will be treated with NexoBrid and, therefore, must be designated as TWs. This will allow an evaluation of the patient's systemic safety by allowing treatment of the patient's entire deep burns. Patients enrolled in this trial will undergo daily vital signs and pain assessments for 1 week starting on the morning after the start of treatment. Weekly assessments of wound healing progress including the dressings used until complete wound closure will be performed. There will also be a scar quality evaluation at 3 and 12 months post wound closure confirmation visit.

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Kandace Taylor

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