Translational Research Center in Lung Cancer Disparities (TRACER) Biospecimen/Pathology Core

Date Added
April 12th, 2022
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Steven Carroll

List of Studies

Cancer, Cancer/Lung, Men's Health, Minorities, Women's Health

This is study involves a research repository which is a collection of biospecimens and information about people who have various diseases or conditions, or who receive various treatments. This research repository is being created to make sure samples are available for research on how disparities may put people at greater risk for lung cancer. People who identify as Black, African American, African, Afro and Caribbean, as well as Native Peoples and LatinX individuals with African Ancestry are at increased risk for dying from lung cancer; people who live near highways, regardless of their race or ethnicity are at risk for getting lung cancer and dying, even if they do not smoke. In this study, researchers are asking to collect and store participants' biospecimens and health information. Biospecimens are samples of human material such as urine, blood, tissue, cells, DNA, RNA, and protein. Information is defined as health and/or other health-related information (such as survey answers, etc.) associated with a condition or treatment. Participants will have their information stored in a secure database and shared with other researchers for future research studies.

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HCC Clinical Trials Office

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