A Humanitarian Device Exemption Treatment Protocol of TheraSphere® For Treatment of Unresectable Primary or Secondary Liver Cancer

Date Added
November 6th, 2018
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Ricardo Yamada

List of Studies

Cancer/Gastrointestinal, Liver

TheraSphere® is a humanitarian use device (HUD) for treating cancer that originates in the liver. TheraSphere® consists of millions of tiny glass beads containing radioactive yttrium-90. The glass radioactive beads (20-30 micrometers in diameter – about a third of the width of a human hair) are delivered directly to the liver tumors. It can be used to downstage tumors to become eligible for surgery or transplantation. It is also the only medical device approved in the United States to treat primary liver cancer patients with portal vein thrombosis (PVT). TheraSphere® has been approved as an HUD based upon its safety and probable benefit.

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Susan Norton
843 814 8874

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