CAscade SCreening for Awareness and DEtection of Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Date Added
January 2nd, 2017
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Pamela Morris

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Cardiovascular, Cholesterol

The CASCADE FH Registry is a national, multi‐center initiative that will track the therapy, clinical outcomes, and patient‐reported outcomes over time. The Registry represents collaboration between The FH Foundation, lipid specialists, cardiologists, primary care providers, quality improvement personnel, and patients, all aiming to increase FH awareness, promote optimal disease management, and improve FH outcomes. The Duke Clinical Research Institute will help operationalize the clinical portal of the CASCADE FH Registry. The Registry will use a hybrid enrollment design to maximize outreach and ensure that all interested FH patients have the option to participate. In accordance with these goals, participants will be identified using a variety of mechanisms, including screening by providers and online screening tools available to the general public. MUSC will only follow the clinical, prospective data collection method outlined in the protocol for this study. Cross‐validation of clinical data with patient‐entered data will optimize quality and promote statistical validity.

Recruitment Contact
Ariane Shokri

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