A Mobile-Support Program to Facilitate Nutritional Caregiving in Head and Neck Cancer

Date Added
August 20th, 2017
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Katherine Sterba

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Cancer/Head & Neck, Nutrition

This research will develop and test a nutrition-focused mobile-support program for head and neck cancer patients and their caregivers at the end of treatment.

Phase I: To guide system development, we will conduct interviews with 15 individuals with head and neck cancer and their caregivers to understand the nutritional challenges faced at the end of treatment. We will also recruit 128 oncology dietitians to complete online surveys to identify key caregiver nutritional support tasks and caregiver demands.

Phase II: After system development, we will recruit 33 head and neck cancer patients and their main supporters to pretest our nutrition support system. Participants will be asked to complete two surveys and a one-time clinic session. The clinic session will include information and resources about symptoms and concerns and after the visit, the program will provide follow-up resources and mobile support for one month. Lastly, we we will conduct individual/small group interviews with 10 head and neck health care providers to evaluate feasibility and recommendations for future system development.

The information from this study may help us to improve supportive care programs in the future to help others as they complete head and neck cancer treatment.

Recruitment Contact
Jama Olsen

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