Community Navigation to Address Hypertension Management in Rural Belize

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December 6th, 2019
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Jessica Chandler

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Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure

We will conduct key informant interviews (KII) with a diverse group of healthcare administrators, healthcare providers, community healthcare workers and patients/caregivers. The purpose of these KIIs is to 1.) inform the development of a hypertension management intervention and training materials adapted for cultural and contextual relevance, and 2.) the optimal research design for future, larger-scaled, multi-village interventions. We will conduct up to 30 interviews including up to 15 administrators/clinical team members including community health care workers and 15 patients until we reach thematic saturation.
The administrator and clinician interviews will query structures and processes currently in place for diagnosing and managing hypertension in rural Belizean adults. Additionally, we will inquire about barriers and facilitators regarding medication management for hypertension, perceptions of caring and follow-up, patients' needs and wants related to care from their physicians. We will also include questions and discussions regarding clinicians' preferences for hypertension management and frequency and format of patient data delivery from the community health care workers.
Patient interviews will query current hypertension management strategies including self –reported medication adherence estimations, education and support needed, quality of current care model, and suggestions/insight into best approaches for utilizing the navigators (e.g., where best to centrally station them in the community, how often to send navigators, best/worst times of days, etc.).

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Luke Sox

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