Stepped Care Model of Psychological Care for Aphasia

Date Added
February 23rd, 2023
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Deena Blackett

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Language, Speech Disorders, Stroke, Stroke Recovery

This study is recruiting people who had a stroke at least 1 month ago and now have a language impairment called aphasia. Living with aphasia can have devastating effects on communication and quality of life, and it is not uncommon for survivors with aphasia to face psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Participants who are eligible for this study will undergo baseline testing, engage in a 5-week treatment focused on psychological well-being, undergo post-treatment testing, and then testing again 1-month later. Check-in phone calls will be conducted during the 1-month off period and participants will be interviewed about their experience at the end of the study as well. Compensation will be provided to participants with aphasia.

Recruitment Contact
Deena Blackett

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