Optimizing Transdiagnostic Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Enhance Learning

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April 6th, 2021
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Danielle Taylor

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Brain, Ears, Healthy Volunteer Studies, Heart, Mental Health, Stress Disorders

This study aims to determine how non-invasive ear stimulation affects learning. During this study, participants will be asked to complete surveys and come to a lab for about 2.5 hours. Researchers will measure brain waves and other body responses (heart rate), while the ear is stimulated. Participants also will be asked to complete computer tasks. Because brain activity will be measured, participants will be asked to come to the study with clean, dry hair. The study is at MUSC in Charleston. Participants will be compensated for their time. To be eligible, participants must be 18-65 years old, be able to commit 2.5 hours of time to the study, and be able to wear sensors on their hands, arms, and head and sit quietly at a computer.

There are some risks to completing this study. Some questions in the surveys ask about personal thoughts and feelings. The ear stimulation may cause tingling sensations or irritation around the ear.

There are no direct benefits to participants. This study will help researchers improve this ear stimulation as a treatment method.

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Danielle Taylor
(843) 790-4868

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