Development and Feasibility Testing of an Integrated PTSD and Adherence Intervention Cognitive Processing Therapy-Lifesteps (CPT-L) to Improve HIV Outcomes

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February 2nd, 2021
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Cristina Lopez

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Anxiety, Depression, HIV / AIDS

The purpose of this study is to explore the use of a new treatment program to improve medication adherence for people with HIV and PTSD for patients at MUSC Ryan White clinic. Participants will be assigned to one of two groups. Participants in Group A will be asked to attend 12 clinic sessions (twice a week for 6 weeks, 90-minute sessions) via telehealth or in person at the MUSC Ryan White clinic. Participants in Group B will receive a one session adherence intervention (60 minutes) and get the same standard treatment that someone with a trauma history and co-occurring HIV and PTSD symptoms would receive at a local Ryan White clinic. The study is provided at no-cost, and participants may learn useful information and coping skills while being in the study. It is hoped the information that we get from this study will help researchers and clinicians better design treatment programs for people living with HIV and PTSD. Participants will receive study compensation for their time.

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Cristina Lopez
843 876-1034

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