Story-Call: e-mobile support for community caregivers of Veterans with dementia

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August 20th, 2014
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Charlene Pope

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Alzheimer's disease and the isolation it produces imposes a heavy burden on informal caregivers (CG) of Veterans who are persons with dementia (PWD), who carry greater burden than those caring for persons with other chronic diseases. This feasibilty study will test a mobile application (APP) on a mini-iPad designed for caregivers of community-dwelling Veterans who are PWD in comparison with Web-based informational materials. Building on story-telling interventions effective in other chronic diseases, this feasibilty study proposes Story-Call as a newly-developed mobile application that records, archives, and presents 30/60-second videos by caregivers and professionals, who share brief stories about how they have handled common dementia home-care situations, such as "She wants to go home!" A qualitative component will categorize themes from stories and in 2 phases collect: 1) perceptions from follow-up phone interviews with CG participants; and 2) focus groups with Advisory Group and VA stakeholders as a process evaluation of APP appeal, use, impact, and cultural tailoring. The expected outcomes will examine if CGs find that the APP-recorded stories decrease perceived CG burden and increase social support as efficacy, while confirming feasibility in recruitment, acceptability, practicality, increased adaptation to dementia care, and use of community resources for future scaling up and testing.

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Charlene Pope

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