Program to Avoid Cerebrovascular Events through Systematic Electronic Tracking and Tailoring of an Eminent Risk-factor

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March 27th, 2018
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Ashley Wabnitz

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Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure, Stroke

This racial disparity in stroke is more prominent in the Southeastern region of the US, where 3 states have long been recognized as representing the ‘buckle' of a ‘stroke belt'. One of these 3 states is South Carolina, where our proposed study will take place. Stroke (including recurrent stroke) is highly preventable via control of high blood pressure. Mobile health (mHealth) technology may offer a promising approach for enhancing blood pressure control after stroke. mHealth tools provide an easy-to-use self-management system that permits optimal medication adherence. PACESETTER will conduct an implementation trial of the intervention
(personalized phone text messaging and home BP monitoring) vs. usual care in 200 recent stroke patients with HTN recruited across the two of the three main safety net hospitals in the state of SC. The project will explore whether the intervention vs. standard care is associated with a reduction in cardiovascular event-related emergency department encounters and re-hospitalizations within 12 months and whether the intervention has potential to reduce vascular events.

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Ariana Tinker

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