Kidney Paired Donation Video Education Trial

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April 25th, 2018
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Derek DuBay

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Education, Kidney, Transplant

Live donor kidney transplantation (LDKT) offers the most optimal survival and quality
of life benefit for those with late-stage chronic kidney disease. However, one-third of potential donors who volunteer to undergo evaluation on behalf of an intended recipient are blood-type or cross-match incompatibility. Kidney paired donation (KPD) was developed as a strategy to provide these incompatible donor-recipient pairs with an innovative opportunity for LDKT, yet its uptake by potential donors and their intended LDKT recipients is not optimal. In this study, we will evaluate the
effectiveness of a targeted video intervention designed to address common concerns
about KPD on the knowledge of KPD risks and benefits, KPD self-efficacy, and KPD
concerns in incompatible potential donors and their intended recipients.

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Thomas Morinelli

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