A Prospective Single-Arm Multicenter StuDy of the BarE TEmporary SPur StEnt System foR the tREatment of Vascular lesions located in the infrapoplitEal Arteries beLow the knee (DEEPER REVEAL)

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June 27th, 2023
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Antwana Wright

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Circulation, Surgery, Vascular

This study is for patients that have Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI), a form of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) in which an artery (blood vessel) in their lower leg (calf) may have become blocked. This study involves the use of an investigational devices called a stent (a small mesh tube typically used to hold open blood vessels). The study device (stent) that will be used in this study is called the Bare Temporary Spur Stent System. It is intended to be used for treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI). The stent portion is made of nitinol, a metal commonly used in stents. It is unique from other similar approved devices, such as balloons and stents, because it consists of a delivery system that can deliver and re-capture the Bare Temporary Spur Stent and balloon, so that no metal is left behind in the body. The Bare Temporary Spur Stent has small spurs (spikes) on the outer surface of the stent, which pierce the inner lining of the artery. Together, the spurs and the stent may help to support the artery as it rebounds after the balloon inflation. The purpose of this is to help the artery stay open so that there is a channel for blood flow to the foot.

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Kaylie Lively

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