Long-Term Prospective Registry to Evaluate Treatment Decisions and Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Favorable Intermediate-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer Following Cell Cycle Progression (CCP) Testing (Prolaris® Test) Save

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March 13th, 2019
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Thomas Keane

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Cancer, Prostate

The main purpose of this study is to find out if getting a test, called the Prolaris cell cycle progression test (CCP), changes decisions about how prostate cancer is treated and how these decisions affect the course of the disease. Researchers want to look at the treatments that men and their doctors choose to manage prostate cancer and how the treatments change over time.
This study is called a registry study. A registry study collects information about a group of people who have the same medical condition. This study will enroll men who have had Prolaris testing and men who have not had Prolaris testing. During the course of this registry study demographic and health information will be collected from you or from your medical records several times over the course of 8 years.
The Prolaris test would like to improve the impacts of individual risk assessment, as well as, to help researchers to better understand prostate cancer and how decisions are made about prostate cancer treatment.

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HCC Clinical Trials Office


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