Comparison of Length of Stay for Infants with GBS Unknown Mothers with Adequate vs Inadequate Treatment Save

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April 6th, 2018
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Rachel Sigrest

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Children's Health, Disease Prevention, Infant, Non-interventional, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Women's Health

The primary investigators/residents have noted during clinical rotations that a significant number of GBS unknown mothers at SRHS are being treated with intrapartum antibiotics even without the presence of risk factors, presumably to decrease postpartum/neonatal length of stay.
Our study, a retrospective chart review, will determine whether or not length of stay is affected by treating GBS unknown mothers with intrapartum antibiotics in the absence of the aforementioned risk factors.
Potential benefits include the cost-effectiveness of decreased length of stay for these patients as well as decreased exposure to nosocomial infections for neonates. However, antibiotic stewardship and patient safety are also considerations. Another potential option for these patients is rapid GBS testing with PCR which can provide results in 1-2 hours compared with 24-48 hours for the standard culture. PCR is not currently available at SMC.

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Rachel Sigrest


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