Clinical Work Intensity Among Oncologist Save

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May 22nd, 2015
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Matthew Hudson

We propose a 12-month study (amended from 6-month pilot study) to identify salient factors and processes contributing to clinical work intensity among oncologists and, specifically, how various provider, patient and practice-based factors mediate intensity. We propose investigating these issues among up to 6 extramural sites.

Our specific aims are:

Aim 1: To assess the level of clinical work intensity associated with representative services provided by medical oncologists during the course of care in the outpatient setting;

Aim 2: To specify the association of provider, patient, and practice organization and management factors on the direction and magnitude of clinical work intensity; and

Aim 3: To clarify the association between level of clinical work intensity and various patient-centered outcomes, including quality of care and visit satisfaction.

In addressing these aims, we will advance understanding of those factors that enhance or mitigate clinical work intensity, identifying factors that may be targeted for subsequent interventions to optimize intensity effects in a real-world, oncology practice. Moreover, the preliminary data gleaned from this pilot study will inform a grant application for a more comprehensive and conclusive study.

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Annie Anderson
(864) 455-1346


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