Patient Recall and Comprehension of Informed Consent for Surgical Procedures in Otolaryngology Save

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September 19th, 2017
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Krishna Patel

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This study will look at patients or caregivers who sign consent for surgical procedures to determine how well they remember key elements of the surgical consent. Participants will be identified from MUSC Otolaryngology (ENT) clinics. Any patient or caregiver for a patient for is scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure may be considered for the study. All potential subjects will undergo a pre-operative visit where all details of the surgery will be discussed and consent for surgery is signed. Potential subjects will be contacted by telephone between 3-10 days after the pre-operative visit. During this telephone call, subjects who would like to participate in the study are enrolled and complete a questionnaire over the phone regarding the information covered during the consent for surgery. Subjects will again be contacted between two to three weeks after the surgery to complete a satisfaction survey of the consent process. The data will be collected and stored in a secure database. Goals of the study are to evaluate patient or caregiver's recall of details discussed during the surgical consent process, to identify factors that may influence patient or caregiver recall of details of the surgical consent, and to evaluate patient satisfaction with the consent process to determine areas for improvement.

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Alexander Murphey


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