Using Portable Telemedicine to Connect homebound patients to medical and social resources (Connected Home) Save

Date Added
September 19th, 2018
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Gayenell Magwood

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Diabetes, Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure

This is a research study to find out how acceptable and how to deliver a Home Care Tele-Visits with adults diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes) and/or Hypertension (high blood pressure). This study will consist of three at home visits with a Medical Tele-Assistant. Each visit will be scheduled to accommodate the participant's schedule and will be about 2-3 weeks apart. During the 2nd and 3rd visit the participant will able to use mobile technology to visit with their doctor and community/social resources (family member or friend). Participants will not be expected to pay for these in-home visits, and will be compensated for their time and participation.

This study is a pilot project, meaning that the goal is to gather data about how easily technology can be used in the home to provide access to health care providers, and social/community resources. Participants may benefit from participating in this study, but that cannot be guaranteed. There are minimal risks associated with participating in this study, such as a loss of privacy while using the Telemedicine System.

Recruitment Contact
Stephanie Slan


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