The effects of electroacupuncture on pain and shoulder range of motion (ROM) in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome. Save

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August 16th, 2016
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Emily Darr


This research study is designed to examine the effects of a single treatment of electroacupuncture (EA) on shoulder pain and range of motion in patients who have ben diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome. Patients with shoulder impingement syndrome will be recruited from orthopedic and physical therapy offices in Charleston, SC. If they are determined to be eligible for the study, the patients will receive informed consent. If the patient chooses to participate in the study, they will have their shoulder pain and range of motion in their shoulder assessed. The patient will then receive one treatment of EA. EA is a roughly 15 minute acupuncture-like procedure where thin needles (about the diameter of a thick human hair) will be placed in the muscle tissue surrounding your shoulder. A small electric current will be applied to the needles while they are inserted. Generally, acupuncture does not hurt. Some people feel the needles as they go in, and some people feel nothing Following the treatment, the patient will have their shoulder pain and range of motion assessed again.

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Emily Darr
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