Validation of the Pediatric Awareness and Sensory Motor Assessment (PASMA) Save

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December 1st, 2015
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Cynthia Dodds
Brain, Children's Health, Hearing, Vision/ Eye

The purpose of this project is to study validity of a newly developed pediatric tool, the Pediatric Awareness and Sensory Motor Assessment (PASMA), which will measure cognitive awareness for children with severe brain damage. Thirty children, between the ages of 3-21 years, with physician-documented severe brain damage and considered medically stable are needed for this study. Recruitment flyers will be disseminated at HMS School in Philadelphia, PA, iHope (school serving children with severe disabilities) in NY, NY, MUSC and the greater Charleston area community to recruit parents/legal guardians of children with severe brain damage. Once parental/legal guardian and physician consents are in place, participants will be evaluated using the PASMA 5 times within 10 days. The PASMA is made up of 5 domains that are olfactory, visual, auditory and vestibular, gustatory, and tactile. Test administration requires approximately 1 hour and can be completed in settings convenient for parents/legal guardians. The potential benefit to study participants is that the findings from the PASMA may identify sensory and motor strengths of participants. Knowledge of these strengths may enhance current rehabilitation and treatment plans, which may lead to functional improvements; although, this cannot be guaranteed. It is a goal of this study to evaluate PASMA validity. Once validity has been substantiated for the PASMA by means of further study, future children with severe brain injury, being evaluated with the PASMA, may have rehabilitation and treatments opportunities that are better informed, leading to greater improvement in functional and participatory outcomes.

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Cynthia Dodds


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