Validating simulation and evaluation tools for the management of shoulder dystocia protocols in physician evaluation and education at the Medical University of South Carolina. Save

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August 6th, 2013
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Christopher Goodier
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Women's Health

Shoulders dystocia (SD) is an obstetric emergency resulting from a discrepancy in size between the fetal shoulders and maternal pelvic inlet, resulting in impaction of the fetal shoulder(s) against maternal pelvic bone(s) following delivery of the fetal head.

Obstetric providers need to be adequately trained to manage this emergency effectively. Traditionally, trainees are taught how to perform these maneuvers with lectures/articles describing maneuvers with pictorial representations. There is no currently accepted "best practice" regarding which sequence of alleviating maneuvers is preferred to resolve a shoulder dystocia.

What is needed is an effective method to train providers for management of shoulder dystocia. Additionally, there are tools needed to assess the competency of providers in the management of shoulder dystocia. Theoretically, stimulation training could fulfill both of these roles. This study will assess the simulation of shoulder dystocia during vaginal delivery.

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Amanda Sibai


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