Adolescents' Weight Management- Is there an app for that? Save

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March 22nd, 2017
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Christine Sangiovanni

Adolescents, Nutrition, Obesity, Pediatrics, Weight Control

Interviews of adolescents 13-17 years old in rural and urban areas of South Carolina will be conducted to identify which weight management apps adolescents think are easy to use, engaging and motivating, and fit their needs for help with managing weight. Features that adolescents prefer will be gathered and health care providers can use this information to recommend immediately available, engaging, and helpful resources for weight management.
Our long-term goal is to optimize the use of mobile apps as beneficial and readily accessible resources to assist primary care providers in the management of overweight/obese adolescents. However, prior to determining if an app is efficacious or even feasible, adolescents' preferences for app features need to be assessed.
The objective of this research is to determine which features of apps adolescents think appeal or detract from the acceptability and usability of weight management apps. Our central hypothesis is that adolescents will prefer to use some apps more than others and this will most likely be due to the preferred specific features available in certain apps, such as goal setting and social connection with friends, peers, or providers.

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Christine SanGiovanni


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