For studies in the Electronic Research Management Applications - ERMA

(applicable to MUSC investigators only)

To input registry information:

  • Click here to log in with your net ID and password.
  • Search for the study’s HR# you wish to post to the directory and click on ‘Edit’
  • Note: You will see all of your studies ever IRB approved in ERMA; however, you will only be able to publish those studies that are currently IRB approved. If it is not yet IRB approved, it will not be listed.
  • Provide
    • Lay Summary
    • Contact Information: Provide the first name, last name, phone number (including area code) and e-mail address of the person you would like the public to contact regarding recruitment for your study.
    • Keywords: check all keywords as appropriate to associate with your study.
    • Check the box next to ‘Publish’ to verify that the study should be included as part of the registry. (To remove the posting from public view, remove the check from the box)
  • Click “Update Protocol” to save the information.
  • To post additional studies: Click “Return to Studies” and repeat steps above.

Additional Information

  • A column and a button entitled ‘Approved’ have been added to assist you indentifying which studies are currently IRB approved & eligible to include online.
  • You should only choose to post studies that are actively recruiting human subjects.  A column entitled ‘Actions’ has been added to assist you with editing, viewing the current study information and posting/removing the study from the online directory.
  • You can access your study information to make edits as necessary. SCTR reserves the right to edit information if necessary. Unlink the lay summary information in the Click e-IRB system, the lay summary entered here does not require IRB approval. When your study is no longer approved at the IRB, it will automatically be removed from the public view.
  • Please note registration of your study on this website does NOT meet the federally mandated requirements of registering with To do this, go to


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